Review of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy

29 September 2023

The importance of a nationally coherent approach from government to supporting the freight task has been made starkly clear over the period since the 2019 document was released. The nation has faced bushfires and floods that have disrupted freight routes and connectivity, highlighting the need for improved network resilience. The pandemic saw major disruptions to supply chains and freight operations with impacts to international aviation and to maritime freight, as well as state border closures effecting interstate operations.

As Australia grows, so will the freight task. At the same time, as the climate changes, the freight industry and the infrastructure it relies on will have to adapt, both in terms of reduced emissions and improved resilience.

The Federal government has an important role to play, together with state and local governments. We encourage the Federal government to be bold, and to take on tangible and real actions with the updated strategy, rather than focusing solely on high-level motherhood statements that do not result in real world improvements.

You can read our full submission here.



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