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2023 - 2024 policy platform

The Business Council will anchor its advocacy priorities in the following key policy platforms:

  • Australia remains an open, competitive, trading nation that supports private enterprise, free markets and innovation and entrepreneurship through efficient supply chains and access to talent.
  • A modern, diversified and resilient economy underpinned by stronger productivity, research, innovation and competitiveness, a tax system that drives investment and a regulatory environment that makes it easier to do business and meets community expectations.
  • Australia pursues a national goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, including working on a 2035 target, through a coordinated and well managed transition that drives investment in new technologies, develops new export industries, preserves energy security and affordability and actively supports regions and communities.
  • A simplified workplace relations framework that supports productive, inclusive, flexible and diverse workplaces that maximise the potential of employees and businesses, supports innovation and competitiveness, and includes policy settings to encourage equity through greater economic participation.
  • Australia should lead the world in talent, skills and capabilities, driven by a world class modern education, research and training system and complemented by an effective, targeted skilled migration program that tackles immediate workforce shortages and resets skilled migration to drive innovation and productivity.
  • Empowerment of Indigenous Australians through full participation in the Australian economy and constitutional recognition of a Voice to the parliament.

Rio Tinto Australia CEO Kellie Parker joins BCA Board as BHP CEO Mike Henry steps down

21 May 2024

The Business Council of Australia has appointed Rio Tinto’s Chief Executive, Australia, Kellie Parker, as a director, replacing BHP CEO Mike Henry, who has stepped down. Business Council President Geoff...

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The one standout success metric for the budget

13 May 2024

This opinion article by Business Council Chief Executive Bran Black was published in The Australian Financial Review on 13 May 2024 More investment is required to drive productivity. We won’t...

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Business Council of Australia call on more certainty for offshore approvals

17 May 2024

Following the Senate passing the Petroleum Resources Rent Tax (PRRT) last night, the Business Council of Australia is concerned about an uncertain approval process for major offshore projects.  BCA Chief...

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Bran Black interview with Peter Stefanovic, First Edition, Sky News

15 May 2024

Event: Bran Black interview with Peter Stefanovic, First Edition, Sky NewsSpeakers: Peter Stefanovic Host, First Edition, Sky News; Bran Black Chief Executive, Business Council of AustraliaTopics: 2024-25 Federal Budget; competitiveness;...

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