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2024 - 2025 policy platform

The Business Council will anchor its policy advocacy in the following key policy platforms:

  • Competitiveness and productivity
    Driving the national competitiveness and productivity discussion, promoting policy that supports private enterprise, free markets and innovation.
  • The energy transition to Net Zero
    Facilitating a coordinated transition to net-zero by 2050 while supporting Australian industries, driving investment in clean technologies, developing new exports with our international partners and supporting energy security, reliability and affordability.
  • Tax reform
    Creating a tax system that drives investment and rewards ambition, is intergenerationally fair and can sustainably fund the services Australians need.
  • Regulation, planning and infrastructure
    Developing the physical and regulatory environment that allows business to thrive, while supporting entrepreneurial ambition, delivering the infrastructure and housing we need, enabling investment and meeting community expectations.
  • Workplace relations
    Advocating for a workplace relations system that drives productivity, flexibility and inclusivity, benefitting employees while allowing businesses to thrive.
  • Skills, education and research
    Ensuring Australia continues to be a global leader in talent through world class education, skills and research – complemented by a targeted skilled migration program – so we can meet our current and future workforce needs.
  • Future technologies and industries
    Leading the policy discussion to capture the opportunities and manage the risks of adopting new technologies across our economy, including in digital technologies, AI and cyber security.
  • Global engagement
    Enhancing Australia as an open, competitive trading nation to support national prosperity, with close international ties that drive investment, free enterprise and trade.
  • Participation and diversity
    Fostering an economy that enhances economic participation for all Australians and thrives on diversity, including by empowering Indigenous Australians.

Submission to inquiry into the Nature Positive bills

18 July 2024

The Business Council of Australia's membership ranges across the economy, with many sectors that have a direct involvement in EPBC assessment and approvals processes.  The BCA has been engaged with...

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Bran Black interview with Ali Moore, ABC Melbourne Drive, ABC

15 July 2024

Event: Bran Black interview with Ali Moore, ABC Melbourne Drive, ABC Speakers: Ali Moore Host ABC Melbourne Drive, ABC; Bran Black Chief Executive, Business Council of Australia Date: 15 July...

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CFMEU allegations of corruption and crime deserve more than an administrator

17 July 2024

The Government’s decision to start a process to appoint an external administrator to deal with the CFMEU does not provide the transparency and public accountability required to properly stamp out...

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Business Council calls for judicial inquiry into alleged CFMEU actions

15 July 2024

The Business Council is calling for a judicial inquiry into alleged criminal actions undertaken by the CFMEU, to uncover what has occurred on Government and tax-payer funded building projects. 

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