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2021 policy platform

The Business Council will anchor its advocacy priorities in the following key policy platforms:

  • Australia remains an open, competitive, trading nation that supports private enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship and incentivises free markets.
  • A modern and increasingly digital economy that is underpinned by a transparent, competitive tax system and a simple, nationally consistent regulatory environment that meets community expectations and drives investment across our cities and regions.
  • That Australia sets a national goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 and establishes nationally consistent regulations to drive private-sector investment in new technologies to achieve this goal, build new export industries and improve environmental outcomes.
  • Productive, inclusive, flexible and diverse workplaces that bring out the potential of their employees, including policy settings to encourage gender equity through greater economic participation.
  • A growing population with access to an education and skills system built for the modern era, complemented by an effective and targeted skilled migration program, to drive productivity and economic growth.
  • Empowerment of Indigenous Australians through full participation in the Australian economy and constitutional recognition of a Voice to the parliament.

Step towards national consistency welcome

30 December 2021

National Cabinet’s delivery of a nationally consistent, updated definition of a close contact is a much needed and welcome change, Business Council executive director Jess Wilson said. “By delivering a...

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Submission on the Online Privacy Bill

21 December 2021

This is the Business Council’s submission on the Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Online Privacy and Other Measures) Bill 2021 (the Online Privacy Bill). The Online Privacy Bill introduces a binding...

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We must hold our nerve to stay on a path to growth

23 December 2021

This opinion article by Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott was first published in The Australian on Thursday 23 December 2021  Right now, the economy is emerging strongly from Covid lockdowns,...

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Australia-UK agreement to help lock in our recovery

17 December 2021

The finalisation of a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom is a win for Australian exporters, businesses and workers, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said. "This record setting...

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