Let's get one shot closer
The business community is getting behind the national vaccine rollout and doing whatever we can to help you stay safe and bring us back together again.
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An open letter from the business community
The business community is asking governments to work together to implement the National Plan and chart a path out of the current lockdowns.
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Business is vital for
a strong Australia
Employs 11 million of the 13 million Australians who work – 6 out of every 7 jobs.
Contributes about 80 per cent of Australia’s final economic output.
Pays $88 billion a year in company tax.
Activity between small, medium & large business is around $550 billion a year.
Responsible for Australia’s export income.
Over 5 million everyday Australians own shares in Australian companies.
Around $380 billion in everyday Australians’ superannuation investments are in Australian listed companies.

The Business Council of Australia strives for a stronger Australia.


The Business Council will actively collaborate with other community and business groups, political leaders at all levels of government and engage directly with the community to achieve our vision and purpose.


We work to ensure Australia is economically strong to support a fair, free and inclusive society for all Australians. Achieving this requires successful, well-run businesses that create meaningful jobs and inclusive work environments which reflect and are accountable to the broader Australian community.

The Business Council champions the role that responsible businesses play in generating sustainable economic growth and advocate for policy settings that are in the national interest.


We believe the role of business is to generate returns for shareholders over the medium to long term, and that doing this requires businesses to be good corporate citizens, and for big and small business to work together across our cities and regions.

This means to act in good faith, have products and services that are fit for market, represent those products fairly and balance the needs of all stakeholders and interests including employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.

Strong Australia Network
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The Biggies
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Australian supplier payment code
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Let's not slip into neutral

22 January 2022

This opinion article by Business Council executive director Jess Wilson was first published in The Herald Sun on Saturday 22 January 2021  2022 has not started the way we had hoped....

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Planning to live with COVID crucial

20 January 2022

National Cabinet’s sensible decisions today will help further ease supply chain pressures and workforce shortages, but leaders must continue adjusting as the situation changes, Business Council executive director Jess Wilson...

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WA decision is a national setback

21 January 2022

Western Australia’s decision to keep itself cut-off from the rest of the nation indefinitely ignores the reality that Australia must live with the virus, Business Council President Tim Reed said....

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As a nation of investors, we need transparency around proxy advice

20 January 2022

This opinion article by Business Council President Tim Reed was first published in The Australian Financial Review on Thursday 20 January 2021  The Morrison government’s reforms to inject greater transparency and...

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