Seize the Moment

The Business Council has released a significant contribution to Australia’s public policy agenda, Seize the moment is our best thinking on how to build a brighter future for our nation.

The purpose of the Business Council of Australia is to ensure the country is economically strong to support a fair, free and inclusive society for all Australians.

The BCA believes that achieving a more resilient, productive and competitive economy requires successful, well-run businesses that create meaningful jobs and inclusive work environments which reflect and are accountable to the broader Australian community.

We champion the role that responsible businesses play in providing much needed goods and services that deliver on the promises they make to consumers, generating sustainable economic growth, and take our responsibility to the community seriously.

For the past five years, we have been speaking with Australians about their hopes and ambitions for the country. Despite the pandemic, extreme weather events and geopolitical tensions, they are overwhelmingly optimistic about the potential of our nation. That said, they worry that we are not on the right path and will let our opportunities pass by – they want change that will improve not only their lives, but those of their children and grandchildren.

This document, Seize the moment, is the BCA’s significant contribution to Australia’s public policy agenda, at a time when the country faces global uncertainty and the urgent need to decarbonise our economy, and is witnessing other nations embarking on policies that risk shifting investment and activity away from our shores.

Australia has tremendous endowments including our natural resources, skilled and educated population, stable institutions, and proximity to the emerging Asian markets that will drive new forms of prosperity.

The challenge is twofold. Together, all of us – business, governments, unions and civil society – must build on the community’s appetite for reform by speaking openly and honestly about the choices we face. Then, we just need to get on with it.

We believe now is the time to embark on carefully considered, staged and practical change that will position Australia for decades of prosperity through enhanced productivity, competition and resilience.

We hope this document will prompt conversation, debate and ultimately action.

The BCA stands ready to work with governments and key partners across the nation to move the country forward. We know every Australian will be better for it.