Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Impact and Mitigation of Aircraft Noise

01 May 2024

Efficient and effective air transport services are essential to Australia, handling over 94 million passenger journeys each year, supporting over 700,000 jobs, and moving billions of dollars in freight. There must be a balanced approach that addresses community concerns around noise, while also recognising the social and economic benefits of aviation growth.

New generation aircraft are significantly reducing aircraft noise, 50 per cent below the previous generation. Airlines put operational measures in place to help further mitigate noise. It is important to note that changes to flight paths to mitigate against noise can lead to increased fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions.

Airports are nationally significant infrastructure and should be protected from urban encroachment. The National Airports Safeguarding Framework provides guidance for this. Operating restrictions such as curfews or movement caps are detrimental to the efficient operation of an airport and can have significant flow-on impacts for the travelling public. Given their negative impact, as a general principle the BCA does not support any extension of operational restrictions at airports in Australia.

You can read our full submission here. 


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