Response to the Productivity Commission's draft report on data availability and use

20 December 2016

In our initial submission, the Business Council has outlined a number of objectives for data related policy, specifically, to:

  • encourage investment and innovation in data by companies. Greater use of data generates benefits for consumers, including lower prices, access to benefits at no cost, more convenience, greater personalisation and reduced information asymmetry
  • allow consumers access to data about themselves, and some measure of control
  • encourage greater release of data currently held by the public sector
  • protect against the release of data, where greater availability invokes risks such as undermining national security or competition.

There is broad alignment between these policy objectives and those in the Commission’s draft report.

However, the recommendations put forward by the Commission are far reaching and would need careful design to avoid incurring unintended, perverse consequences.

This submission seeks to guide the development of recommendations for the Commission’s final report.

Download a copy of our submission here.


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