Time to move past emergency measures

30 September 2022

Businesses welcome National Cabinet’s decision to move forward and let Australians get on with living alongside the virus by removing mandatory isolation rules outside the highest risk sectors, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“The emergency phase of this pandemic is over, so we’ve got to shift gear, move with the rest of the world and manage for the long term.

“This final step to reopening the economy and giving Australians the freedom to make their own decisions again is critical.

“Australians want to get on with their lives and that means taking personal responsibility for their health decisions, just as they do with other viruses like the flu.

“It was sensible to keep paid pandemic leave provisions in place while mandatory isolation rules were in force, but we can’t keep emergency payments in place forever.

“It’s no surprise that living alongside the virus means more cases, what matters is how well we protect the vulnerable and keep the health system functioning by slowing the spread.

“As we’ve said throughout the pandemic, a nationally consistent risk-based plan and the systems in place to flexibly and predictably adjust settings when circumstances change is the only way to let Australians live alongside the virus.

“We welcome National Cabinet’s continued commitment to regular meetings with a focus on the latest advice and a nationally consistent approach to ongoing management.”


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