Time to lock in our gains

18 March 2021

Today’s unemployment numbers show that Australia is bouncing back but we must act now to lock in the gains, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Australians are getting back to work thanks to our incredible efforts to manage the pandemic.

“The government has softened the blow of the worst of the pandemic and positioned Australia to get jobs back as the economy opens up.

“This shows that when you ease restrictions and open the economy back up people get their jobs back.

“Now, it's time for business to take the baton from government and do the heavy lifting on job creation.

“To create new jobs and keep our strong run going, we’ll need to make ourselves a more globally competitive place for businesses to set up shop, invest and employ.

“PwC and AmCham’s Attracting US investors to Australia report released today gives us a welcome blueprint to boost job creating trade and investment with one of our biggest trading partners.

“Boosting trade and investment with all of our trading partners will be critical to securing a job fuelled recovery, so we welcome the sensible recommendations in today’s report.

“We need to do everything we can to encourage big companies to make the large investments that will transform the economy and set us up for growth.

“We must also continue to drive new investment across the economy with the right tax incentives, a workplace relations system that encourages job creation and by axing the red-tape that acts as a roadblock to investment.

“A strong business-led recovery is essential to securing the futures of all Australians.”

Read the Business Council’s 2021 budget submission and plan to lock in long term growth here.


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