Energy Security Board’s response to P2025 market design consultation paper

20 October 2020

The Business Council provided feedback on the Energy Security Board’s (ESB) post 2025 Market Design Consultation Paper.

Achieving a fit-for-purpose market design for the National Electricity Market (NEM) is vitally important to our membership, which includes energy businesses and energy users. The energy market has always required substantial and ongoing capital investment to maintain and grow its capacity to meet the energy needs of Australian households and businesses.

However, the uncertainty associated with investing in the energy market remains high due to climate change and related policy responses, developments in technology, and emerging gaps in markets for energy services. This uncertainty has given rise to precaution on the part of governments in response — in terms of intervening in the market or signalling an intention to do so if perceived to be necessary — which has added to the market uncertainty facing investors.

Download our full submission here


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