Regulatory Reform Forum: Remarks by Steven Munchenberg to the National Press Club

12 December 2005

On 12 December 2005 the National Press club hosted a forum on regulatory reform. 

The forum discussions were led by:

  • Gary Banks, Chairman, Productivity Commission
  • Steven Munchenberg, Deputy Chief Executive, Business Council of Australia
  • Alan Oster, Chief Economist, National Australia Bank
  • Senator Michael Ronaldson
  • Wayne Swan, Shadow Treasurer.

In his comments, BCA Deputy Chief Executive Steven Munchenberg spoke about the everyday impacts of government regulation, how red tape is adding a dead weight on business in Australia, and how it is hampering Australia’s competitiveness.

Some of the reasons he identified included the:

  • interaction between laws
  • constantly changing laws
  • multiple and uncoordinated approval processes
  • a lack of delineation between the roles of different regulators
  • the perverse consequences of their ‘zero tolerance’ attitudes.

Steven Munchenberg called for the introduction of regulatory impact statements and more consultation between regulators and businesses to help address those problems.



Transcript of National Press Club Regulatory Reform Forum 2005


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