Much needed step, more certainty needed

26 October 2020

Today’s easing of restrictions is welcome relief for Victorians and the rest of the country, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“This is an important and much needed step in the right direction that will allow people to start getting on with their lives and reopening their businesses.

“We urge the Victorian Government to work with business to ensure the state can fully reopen.

“It’s disappointing that many businesses will need to wait until 8 November before they have any certainty about reopening.

“Businesses need a plan now so they have the confidence to restock their shelves, rehire workers and get ready to reopen their doors.

“This needs to be a clear plan with clear dates and milestones and be subject to meeting health targets.

“We cannot afford to have a stop and start approach to restrictions.

“Families also need certainty and hope about their Christmas plans and whether they can be reunited with loved ones.

“If the downward trajectory of case numbers in Victoria continues, business calls on the Victorian Government to remove restrictions faster and remove all limits on commerce, activity and movement throughout the state.

“It’s critical we lock in today’s gains by getting the right health systems in place to manage the virus.

“We want to work with the Victorian Government on the right policies to get things going again.

“Together we can start the process of rebuilding investment and rebuilding jobs in Victoria.’’


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