Future Gas Strategy shows stable and secure pathway to achieving net zero

09 May 2024

The Business Council welcomes the Government’s Future Gas Strategy, given the critical role gas will play in supporting economic growth, ensuring a reliable supply of power and keeping prices down on the road to achieving Australia’s net zero ambitions.

The BCA has long advocated for gas as an essential part of the green energy transition, ensuring grid stability as the transition is made to renewable energy.   

BCA Chief Executive Bran Black said reaching net zero will only be possible if there is a stable firming power source to enable the shift from coal fired generation to renewables, which is where gas, with 50 per cent less emissions than coal, plays a critical role.

“The Future Gas Strategy strikes the right balance by ensuring Australia can transition to net zero, while also keeping prices down, delivering reliable power supply and retaining jobs,” Mr Black said.

“Gas is needed for peaking and firming capacity to keep the lights on and ensure households and industry have energy security at affordable prices.

“It’s also critical for key industrial processes including steel making and fertiliser production – that cannot currently be electrified.”

Mr Black said the gas strategy would provide certainty for our regional partners in advancing their own decarbonisation efforts.

“The strategy sends a clear signal that we are a reliable transition partner, now and into the future”.

The BCA will engage with the Commonwealth in how the strategy will be implemented and other opportunities for policy reform to support the energy transition. 


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