Bran Black to take BCA reins

11 August 2023

The Business Council of Australia is pleased to announce Bran Black as its new Chief Executive.

BCA President Tim Reed said Mr Black is an outstanding choice to lead the nation’s most influential business organisation, bringing a deep commitment to reform and a passion for public service to the coveted role.

“Bran has a unique understanding of how to deliver practical economic and social reforms by bringing together business, governments and academia in strong collaborative partnerships,” Mr Reed said.

“I am confident Bran will embrace the BCA’s pivotal role as a passionate advocate for our nation, with a focus on ensuring Australia is economically prosperous, and that that prosperity is shared with all Australians. 

“It is only through a thriving business community that we deliver improved living standards, higher wages and a more competitive nation,’’ Mr Reed said.

Mr Black said “I am looking forward to building on the BCA’s outstanding work to ensure Australia is economically prosperous and ensuring that prosperity is shared with all Australians.

“Delivering on this vision is how we deliver real wages growth, which is the most pressing challenge facing the nation right now.

“Real wages only grow if we can deliver productivity gains, and my focus at the BCA will be productivity, productivity and productivity because of how it underpins real improvements in the lives of Australians,’’ Mr Black said.

“I want to continue the business community’s focus on driving investment and skills development.

“Amongst other things, this means ensuring Australia has the right industrial relations settings in place to deliver a more competitive environment, delivering the jobs and skills that industry needs now and into the future, getting our migration settings right, and harnessing the true potential of the clean energy revolution,’’ Mr Black said.

“I have always been a big believer in the proposition that when business does well, the country does well, and that fundamentally is the mission of the BCA.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime to pursue a cause that I am personally committed to and to work closely with members – who day to day have the chance through their operations, engagement with staff and their communities, to bring that vision to life,’’ Mr Black said.

Mr Reed added: “Bran is passionate about skills, education, productivity and decarbonisation. All of these are BCA priorities that go directly to driving economic growth and improving people’s lives.

“Bran’s personal values align closely with those of the BCA, which increases my confidence that he will be a powerful advocate for our nation.

“The BCA Board and members thank Jennifer for her tireless efforts and her unwavering dedication to our nation, and in particular to the business community.

“No one has given more than Jennifer to the BCA’s purpose to create an economically secure and stronger Australia that works to ensure all Australians can get ahead,’’ Mr Reed said.

Outgoing Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott AO praised the appointment of Mr Black. “I know Bran is committed to ensuring Australia is a prosperous and fair country that can position itself well to address the many challenges and capitalise on the opportunities it faces in coming decades.’’

“The BCA is in very good hands with Bran. He has the ability to continue to bring different groups together for the national good,’’ Ms Westacott said.

Mr Black most recently served as former NSW Premier and former Treasurer Dominic Perrottet’s chief of staff. In this role, Mr Black was widely respected and played a significant role supporting business through the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting the post-pandemic recovery.

Prior to this, he was Chief of Strategic Initiatives at the University of New South Wales and also led a landmark partnership between the University of Newcastle, University of NSW and the University of Wollongong as the Chief Executive Officer of the NUW Alliance. The latter was designed to deliver solutions to the biggest challenges facing NSW, and generate opportunities for its citizens. He began his career as a corporate lawyer.

Mr Black will begin with the BCA on Wednesday 16 August formally taking over the role of Chief Executive on Tuesday September 12. Ms Westacott’s final day at the BCA will be Thursday 12 October.


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