BizRebuild submission to the Inquiry into Australia’s Disaster Resilience

01 March 2023

The Business Council represents Australia’s largest employers. Our members touch the lives of all Australians, through the jobs, goods, and services they provide.

Businesses, big and small, are the backbone of Australian communities.

The devastating bushfires in 2019-2020 led Business Council members to respond with a sense of urgency; and BizRebuild was born as a result.

BizRebuild, established by the Business Council of Australia through the Community Rebuilding Trust, managed by Equity Trustees, provides targeted and timely support to small businesses impacted by natural disasters.

More frequent and intense natural disasters mean the role of charities, like BizRebuild, will only increase.

The impetus for BizRebuild providing a submission to this Inquiry is largely driven by recurring issues each time a natural disaster occurs.

We strongly believe a solution to these issues is possible, and will only have positive impacts, not only for BizRebuild, but other disaster-related charities across Australia.

Triggered by a disaster, the BCA would like to see:

  • greater coordination with government and NGOs
  • direct assistance with easing immediate cash flow – e.g. waive or delay debts for affected small and local businesses and speed up payments
  • immediate help for businesses with a Disaster Recovery Payment
  • access to a disaster wage subsidy
  • engagement with a low-documentation cash grant scheme – like BizRebuild.

Read the full submission here.


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