BCA supports Indigenous recognition and advancement

02 August 2023

The Business Council of Australia is today releasing a statement which reaffirms our long-held position of support to recognise Indigenous Australians in Australia’s Constitution and a Voice to Parliament.

“We believe the Voice is the right mechanism to give Indigenous Australians a stronger say on legislation, policy and programs that directly impact their communities and their lives,’’ Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“We know that we get better results when we listen.

“We are releasing this statement alongside the BCA’s Indigenous economic statement which demonstrates the practical and on-the-ground actions that businesses are taking to further Indigenous economic advancement.

“The statement, Advancing Indigenous opportunity, shows that BCA member companies employ more than 20,000 Indigenous Australians across a range of industries and spend just over $1 billion with Indigenous businesses each year.

“Our members are proactively helping to drive economic and cultural empowerment by supporting Indigenous businesses to expand, innovate, hire more workers and create vibrant ecosystems in their communities.

“One of the best ways this can be achieved is when large businesses work with Indigenous businesses to grow supply chains.

“BCA members are achieving this through our Raising the Bar initiative aimed at increasing procurement spending with Indigenous businesses and suppliers.

“We are pleased that 43 members have joined the program for the 2023-24 financial year, a more than doubling of the original program.

“Statements of support only go so far, and we know there is so much more work to do to create greater economic opportunities for Indigenous Australians and businesses across the entire economy.  

“The BCA is strongly committed to the empowerment of Indigenous Australians and the creation of opportunities for full participation in the Australian economy.

“This is why the BCA supports recognition of Indigenous Australians in Australia’s Constitution and a Voice to Parliament because all Australians should have the opportunity to fully participate in the fabric of Australian society.

“The Voice will help amplify the views of Indigenous communities, ensuring they are heard.”

Read our Board statement on the Voice to Parliament here. 

Read our Indigenous economic statement: Advancing Indigenous opportunity here. 



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