BCA Welcomes Gender Diversity Reporting Streamlining

26 March 2014

The Business Council of Australia welcomes the announcement today by the federal government that it will begin a process to streamline and improve gender diversity reporting.

BCA Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said increasing gender diversity and the participation of women in the workforce generates significant benefits, for women, for business and for Australia’s economy.

“There is great benefit in working with government and other organisations to redesign the collection of gender data from businesses,” said Ms Westacott. “We need to ensure an improved approach to data collection that is streamlined, easily understood and beneficial to women and businesses.”

Ms Westacott said the Business Council supports the collection of critical gender diversity data so we can track progress in the employment of women, but unnecessarily complex reporting adds to business costs without improving diversity outcomes.

“In our discussions with the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Workplace Gender Employment Agency a clear theme has been the opportunity to work together to streamline the data collection process while maintaining the integrity of national data in relation to gender diversity.

“It remains important that all businesses look at their recruitment, retention and promotion practices and remove blockages to the progress of women.

“The BCA publication, Increasing the Number of Women in Senior Executive Positions, provides an easily understood best practice guide that businesses can use to benchmark their policies and procedures.

“The Business Council looks forward to working with the government to ensure gender diversity reporting requirements are meaningful and contribute to greater diversity outcomes,” she said.

Scott Thompson, Director, Media and Public Affairs
Business Council of Australia
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