Asia Taskforce Discussion Paper No. 03: A Forgotten Advantage: Enabling Australia's Asian-Australian and Diaspora Communities

Asia Taskforce Discussion Paper No. 03 A Forgotten Advantage: Enabling Australia's Asian-Australian and Diaspora Communities has been prepared as part of a series of short reports on specific topics identified by the Asia Taskforce - an initiative of Business Council of Australia and Asia Society Australia together with knowledge partners PwC Australia and The University of Sydney Business School - to supplement the findings and recommendations contained in the Taskforce Interim Report. One of the objectives of the Taskforce was to identify barriers to success in Asia. Our Asia-capable Asian-Australian and diaspora communities were identified as a critical national asset that requires ongoing investment by business and government.

Key points:

  • Increase representation and utilisation of the national assets at Australia’s disposal and recognise the importance of the Asia skills and capabilities to make an immediate impact and long-term contribution to Australia’s prosperity.
  • Through Asian-Australians, the Asian diaspora in Australia and Australian diaspora in the region, establish new context in Australia’s Asia capabilities and bring these diverse aspects together in driving long-term engagement with Asia
  • Provide recommendations for business and government to better recognise, utilise and enable Australia’s Asian-Australian and Diaspora communities to deliver their full potential to support Australia’s aspirations to engage, connect and succeed in Asia

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