Improving employment outcomes for people with disability

15 August 2023

With a range of skills and experiences, people with disability represent one of Australia’s greatest underrepresented talent pools. However, Australia has one of the lowest employment rates for people with disability in the OECD sitting at 21 out of 29 countries.

Australia’s economy faces significant long-term challenges, including from an ageing population, slow productivity growth and an accompanying loss of economic vitality.

Employment is key to unlocking economic security, independence and wellbeing. It is also fundamental to national prosperity.

As our nation continues to chart the path out of COVID-19 and lay the foundations for a more modern and dynamic economy, the Business Council of Australia’s ambition is to lift productivity and economic inclusion.

Corporate Australia wants to build an economy at the frontier of innovation and at the frontier of investing in people. It is critical that we support participation in the economy by all Australians in a way that enables everyone to achieve their full potential. That is what is required to be a frontier nation.

Deloitte Access Economic modelling commissioned for the Australian Network on Disability (AND) showed that if the gap between participation and unemployment rates for people with disability could be reduced by one third, the cumulative impact on GDP would be $43 billion.

The economic case is clear. The productivity uplift is significant.

The BCA and its members are focused on how we can ensure that all Australians are reaching their full potential and sharing in the opportunities and prosperity of our nation.

A new approach is needed to break down the barriers for people with disability, to increase their role and advancement in the workplace.

Read our full report here. 


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