Workforce Inclusion of People with Disability

27 October 2015

One in five Australians have a disability. Disability affects 2.2 million working age Australians and 4.2 million Australians overall.

“What businesses in Australia want is diverse talent. If we’re taking out one in five Australians and not providing them with a job opportunity, we’re not tapping into the best people in this country.” - Jennifer Westacott.

Boosting the active participation of people with disability will deliver individual, social and economic returns, including reducing the rate of spending growth in some areas. Benefits will flow to productivity through a diversified workforce and the inclusion of new ideas and perspectives.

Recognising Ability: Business and the Employment of People with Disability

This report summarises the results of a survey conducted by the Business Council aimed at generating baseline data and insights about disability employment practices and experiences among member companies. This is the first time the Business Council has conducted a survey on approaches to disability employment.

Sharing and Monitoring Disability Information in your Workforce: A Guide for Employers

The Business Council collaborated with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) to develop a resource for employers to help them create more inclusive workforces.

When we surveyed members about disability, we found that concerns about seeming discriminatory, invading privacy, not knowing how to ask and lack of internal know-how prevented companies from asking employees or applicants if they had a disability. The purpose of this guide is to:

  • help employers prepare before they ask;
  • know when to ask; and
  • know what to ask. 

Download the guide, or watch the short clip, below. 



Information Sharing Monitoring

Recognising Ability Business and the Employment of People with Disability

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