Water Reform: Announcement by the Minister for Climate Change and Water

29 April 2008

“The BCA welcomes the important water reform announcement today by the Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, in her speech to the 4th Annual Australian Water Summit.

The federal government’s national water plan establishes clear priorities and criteria by which we can measure much-needed success in water reform.

The minister has taken a leadership role and, through the government, is providing a long term strategic approach to urban water provision as well as the ongoing management of rural water supplies and the health of our river systems.

Ensuring Australia has an adequate supply of water to sustain economic growth and living standards is essential

Providing this supply in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner is the challenge that the minister and her state colleagues are now responding to.

The investment in improving water planning is an important step in reducing the risks of under-supply or excessive water allocations in the future.

The renewed focus on strengthening water markets and improving the trading of water is an essential to reform.

The government’s initiatives directed at identifying new supplies of water and ensuring the framework exists for private and public investment in water infrastructure underline the Commonwealth’s leadership role in urban water provision.”



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