Treasurer highlights need for enterprise tax plan

29 September 2017

“A more competitive company tax system is critical for increasing investment, boosting productivity and lifting real wages,” Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said in response to the Treasurer’s address to Business Council members last night.

“The Treasurer has rightly pointed out that a business as usual approach is not enough.

“With the United States planning to reduce their company tax rate, now more than ever our political leaders need to take action to lift Australia’s competitiveness. We cannot afford to see investment sucked out of Australia

“We need to ensure that Australian businesses remain competitive and to create an environment that makes Australia an attractive place to do business, encouraging investment.

“There is more that needs to be done.  Like the Treasurer, we call on the Senate to pass the full Enterprise Tax Plan and give Australians the best chance of a better job with a higher wage.”



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