Tim Reed backed for Business Council President

18 October 2019

One of the nation’s most respected and dynamic business leaders, Tim Reed, has the backing of the Business Council of Australia board to take the helm as the new president.

In a decision that will cement the Business Council as the nation’s most influential policy and advocacy body, the Business Council board has unanimously recommended the former MYOB CEO succeed current president Grant King at the end of his term.

Tim Reed brings a wealth of experience, having served on the Business Council’s board since 2017 and with a history of building one of Australia’s most successful and innovative tech companies in MYOB, delivering solutions for businesses of all sizes.

“Tim is the right person to lead the business community into the future,” Mr King said.

“He is already a powerful advocate for business in his own right and as a member of the Business Council board.

“He is well placed to take on the role of president with a firsthand insight into the competitive pressures that face Australian businesses and the supply chain relationships that help keep businesses and communities strong.

“Tim is respected across the business community and the political spectrum with a reputation for collaboration and as a clear communicator, skills which will serve the Business Council well as it continues to advocate for policy reform to deliver a more competitive Australia with better living standards for all Australians.”

The board will put their recommendation to members at the Business Council’s annual general meeting on 20 November 2019.

Mr Reed said he was delighted to be recommended for the role of Business Council president.

“Businesses are the job creators who employ 11 million of almost 13 million working Australians. Business creates jobs, exports, innovates, pays taxes and creates vibrant communities,” Mr Reed said.

“Businesses – big and small – are made up of working people, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which they operate.

“A vibrant and diverse business ecosystem underpins Australia’s wellbeing, breathing life and jobs into towns and cities.

“I’m looking forward to working with Jennifer Westacott and the Business Council team to ensure Australia is positioned for the challenges of the future.

“I want to thank Grant King for his leadership and wise counsel to the business community throughout the complex policy debates and turbulence of the last few years.

“Grant has served with distinction through a difficult time for businesses in the community.”

“My focus is firmly on the things we know are critical to ensuring enduring prosperity for all members of our community, which will require Australia to be a globally competitive place to do business.

“This starts with skills. We must ensure Australians have the skills they need to thrive in the decades ahead.

“To attract much needed investment, we need to do everything we can to ensure Australia’s tax and regulatory framework is globally competitive.”

“On energy and reducing emissions we must meet our obligations under the Paris Agreement while delivering reliable, low-cost energy.

“As someone who grew up around a family business I’m committed to seeing small businesses thrive. All my life I’ve been passionate about small enterprise and I understand that small and big businesses need each other to create jobs and grow.

“If I do have the privilege of becoming the next president of the Business Council I will continue to prioritise the important work done in recent years to ensure big and small business work and win together.

“I will be a passionate advocate for the positive role that business plays in our community.

“As a community we must do business the way it should be done, not simply to the standard it could be done.

“Equally business has a right to be proud of the many positive ways in which they contribute to our society every day.

“We know that Australians value the role of business and business has a legitimate voice in the community. It’s my intention to ensure our contribution is understood.

“The Business Council’s goal is to help build a more dynamic and competitive economy that gives Australians the new jobs and higher wages they deserve, I’m looking forward to helping deliver on that promise in a new role.”


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