The Business Council of Australia will always stand for good policy

01 May 2018

The Business Council is not and never will be a partisan organisation, our commitment is to good policy not politics.

We have and always will advocate for policies which keep Australian businesses growing, investing, and employing more people in well paid, meaningful jobs.

This includes our recent work arguing for a fairer, more competitive tax system, pushing hard for a stronger vocational education and training sector, and working to break climate and energy policy deadlock.

We will always defend the role of private enterprise as the engine of Australia’s prosperity and the creator of 86 per cent of all jobs in Australia.

There is nothing politically partisan about the truth – when Australian businesses thrive, Australians thrive.

The Business Council will take on the task of getting this message to the people who need to hear it.

We’ll fight our opponents on their turf, but we won’t sacrifice our integrity.

Those attacking business have no realistic alternative plan to grow our economy and quite often they assume money grows on trees.

The truth is, no matter what their excuse is today, they will always belittle the role of the private sector because for them it is ideological.

Unfortunately many people in the business community have given the critics material to work with and I’m frustrated and disappointed by that, but I will not allow retrograde, backward looking anti-business attacks to stand unchallenged.



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