Submission to the Department of Treasury on the Final Report of the Competition Policy Review

02 June 2015

This submission recommends the Australian Government develops a comprehensive and prioritised response to the final report and set out a microeconomic reform agenda that can be agreed by all governments.

Overwhelmingly the review panel has produced a very good report that identifies the major reforms needed to improve competition policy in Australia, grow our economy and create jobs. It addresses the competition policy issues that the Business Council considers to be of most importance

This submission outlines the Business Council’s position on each of the 56 recommendations in the final report. It mostly comments on new or changed recommendations in the final report, and should be read in conjunction with our three previous submissions to the review. 

We support most of the review’s recommendations. After careful consideration, however, the Business Council does not support some of the proposed changes to competition law, including the proposed changes to section 46 of the Competition and Consumer Act.

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Submission on the Final Report of the Competition Policy Review (June 2015)



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