Submission regarding the DEEWR Employment Services: Building on Success Issues Paper

04 April 2013

The Business Council of Australia has made a submission to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Review of Jobs Services Australia (JSA).

The Business Council of Australia is committed to ensuring that Australia’s labour market programs are as effective as possible in placing Australians in sustainable employment.

This submission to DEEWR highlights the fact that:

  • while JSA works well for most jobseekers who use their employment services, there are opportunities to further improve employment outcomes for disadvantaged jobseekers
  • JSA arrangements are complex for employers to navigate
  • rewards and penalties could be better aligned with employment outcomes
  • unnecessary administrative and reporting costs should be removed to free up more JSA resources for job placement work.

In the submission we recommend that the government:

  • makes employment placement services easier for employers and jobseekers to use
  • aligns incentives for JSA’s employment placement services with successfully meeting the needs of employers and jobseekers
  • removes unnecessary regulation by amending the JSA rules and the DEEWR contract/deed.

Read or download the Business Council of Australia Submission to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations regarding the ‘Employment Services: Building on Success’ Issues Paper here.



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