The Business Council of Australia facilitates the contribution of more than 100 of Australia’s most successful business leaders to the development of public policy that supports long-term economic growth for the benefit of the nation and all Australians.

Our members are the CEOs of companies that generate national wealth, create jobs and ensure Australia keeps up with rapid, ongoing change. They operate in different sectors in different parts of Australia and internationally, giving the Business Council a vast, economy-wide perspective.

Our members determine our work program and policy positions through their participation in four policy committees, four special-issue task forces and the Business Council board. A record number of CEOs are now actively involved in one or more of these groups.

The full membership meets quarterly in different parts of Australia, and both the president and chief executive are in regular contact with individual CEOs.

We develop our policy positions based on rigorous research of domestic and international best practice, consulting externally to allow our policy positions to be widely contested.

Our policy advice is delivered through submissions, research papers, tools and resources, speeches and presentations, and day-to-day meetings with senior policymakers at all levels of government and in all political parties.