Statement on youth jobs PaTH

03 April 2017

“We welcome today’s launch of Youth Jobs PaTH, an important practical initiative to help address youth unemployment,” Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Going from study to work has always been a challenge for young people. Right now, there are over 95,000 young people who have been looking for work for over six months.

“With youth unemployment currently over 13 per cent and with more than one in five young people unemployed across 13 regions of Australia, now is the time for action.

“Youth Jobs PaTH will help young people secure a job by providing them with an opportunity to undertake an internship so they can gain real, practical work experience and the support and skills they need to stay in work.

“We believe business has a role to play in supporting young people to overcome the challenges they face when they transition into the labour market.

“We are committed to working with our members and government to ensure Youth Jobs PaTH is able offer as many opportunities to young people as possible.”



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