Statement on Senate voting reforms

22 February 2016

“The proposed changes to the system of voting for the Senate provide a vital opportunity to strengthen our system of governance,” Business Council of Australia President Catherine Livingstone said.

“The current system lacks transparency. Australians deserve to know that their votes will not be traded through a system that is, in practice, highly opaque. 

“The changes will strengthen the integrity of our democratic principles and the working of our system of government.

“Instead of being a house of final review the Senate has become a blockage to progress of reforms, which currently include measures that will underpin the next wave of Australia’s growth and jobs.

“Whether it’s the strengthening of the regulatory environment, measures to control the growth in spending, environmental planning approvals, or multinational tax avoidance measures, important reforms are being held up more out of political interest than national interest.

“The changes that have been proposed by the government are measured and responsible and follow an extensive process of review involving both major parties who participated in the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters.

“In the long-term national interest, we urge the reforms be given support by all established parties in the Parliament,” Ms Livingstone said.

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