Statement on NSW electricity infrastructure roadmap

09 November 2020

The Business Council of Australia has today welcomed the NSW Government’s Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap as a way to fast-track the transition to a low carbon economy.

The NSW plan underscores the importance of private investment in the future fleet of renewable generation, storage and transmission.

We encourage the government to work closely with existing energy generators, industry and other stakeholders to ensure an orderly and coordinated transition that minimises risk to existing assets and planned projects as well as costs to consumers.

It is essential that policies are designed to incentivise, not deter, private investment in the new generation of energy projects and to optimise the efficient operation of the electricity market.

Business believes the best way to transition, at lowest-cost to consumers and industry is to maximise the value of the investment that has already been made in existing energy infrastructure, not eroding it.

As part of this, we encourage the NSW Government to work closely with the Energy Security Board, existing energy generators, industry and other stakeholders to ensure integration and alignment with the Post 2025 Market Design work.


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