Rudd Government Priority: Support Confidence and Growth

27 June 2013

“Prime Minister Kevin Rudd must act to restore shaky business and consumer confidence by immediately marking out an agenda focused squarely on jobs, investment, competitiveness and growth,” Business Council of Australia President Tony Shepherd said.

“The election in a party ballot of Mr Rudd last night as Labor Party leader and Prime Minister must be the catalyst for the government to act in the national interest on critical policies and return to good government and good policy process,” Mr Shepherd said.

“To achieve the office of prime minister is the greatest honour that can be bestowed on any Australian but with it goes great responsibility particularly at this time.

“We welcome Mr Rudd identifying the need for government to re-engage with business, because maintaining a respectful dialogue with business on important issues is critical to address our competitiveness challenges, make it easier for business to hire more people and ensure a strong and growing economy.

“The politics of division has to stop. The community is tired of divisive politics and policies which are aimed at shoring up political survival rather than the future prosperity of the nation.

“Now that the leadership has been resolved there is a need for decisive action in key areas to restore business and community confidence.

“That includes lowering the carbon price to the international level, withdrawing the damaging the Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Bill and the amendments to the Fair Work Act, committing to an audit of government spending, repealing the recent flurry of anti-business and anti-growth legislation including tax laws and environmental approvals, and ensuring policy development acknowledges the role of business in creating growth, jobs, and wealth for Australians to share.

“The government must commit to a comprehensive growth agenda that can only be achieved by working in partnership with businesses, large and small,” he said.

For further information contact:
Scott Thompson, Director, Media and Public Affairs
Business Council of Australia
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