Regulatory Reform Forum: Remarks by Steven Munchenberg to the National Press Club

On 12 December 2005 the National Press club hosted a forum on regulatory reform.

The forum discussions were led by:

  • Gary Banks, Chairman, Productivity Commission
  • Steven Munchenberg, Deputy Chief Executive, Business Council of Australia
  • Alan Oster, Chief Economist, National Australia Bank
  • Senator Michael Ronaldson
  • Wayne Swan, Shadow Treasurer.

In his comments, BCA Deputy Chief Executive Steven Munchenberg spoke about the everyday impacts of government regulation, how red tape is adding a dead weight on business in Australia, and how it is hampering Australia’s competitiveness.

Some of the reasons he identified included the:

  • interaction between laws
  • constantly changing laws
  • multiple and uncoordinated approval processes
  • a lack of delineation between the roles of different regulators
  • the perverse consequences of their ‘zero tolerance’ attitudes.

Steven Munchenberg called for the introduction of regulatory impact statements and more consultation between regulators and businesses to help address those problems.