Practical steps to make it easier to do business

17 August 2020

We welcome the Treasurer’s announcement that he will work with his state and territory counterparts to streamline the licensing of workers like tradies, reduce the burden of red-tape and make it easier to do business, invest and create new jobs across the country, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“This is a practical reform that will make it easier to do business instantly once implemented.

“This is a great step towards eliminating the barriers and bottlenecks that are holding back Australian workers, consumers and businesses at a time we need to pull out all stops to drive new, job creating investment.

“For Australia’s largest employers this will mean we can get crucial skilled workers started on job creating projects quickly. It also gives tradies and other licensed professionals the flexibility to get ahead by moving where their skills are most valuable.

“As we emerge from the pandemic every decision we make should be viewed through the lens of job creation and that should include considering whether suspended regulations need to be reinstated.

“It is more important than ever that we act to remove outdated and inefficient red tape that will make it harder to create the millions of jobs we will need to recover from the pandemic. 

“We’ll continue working with governments to take practical steps that make it easier for businesses to invest, create jobs, grow the economy and improve the lives of all Australians.”


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