More flexible paid parental leave a win-win

08 April 2021

New research from KPMG shows a more flexible paid parental leave scheme could help close the workforce participation gap and grow the economy, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“KPMG’s work shows that a more flexible paid parental leave scheme would give families the chance to decide what works best for them and set our economy up for the future.

“As the economy recovers everyone should have the chance to get back to work, pick up more hours if they choose and share caring responsibilities more equally.

“Of course, changes would come with a cost and the government is right to approach these challenges through a carefully calibrated budget process.

“According to KPMG research in 2018, if Australia halved the workforce participation gap, in twenty years’ time the economy would be bigger by around $60 billion each year in today’s dollars.

“To drive our economic recovery, we have pull every lever we can to boost growth and create jobs.”


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