Jobs and Skills summit a chance to secure our economic future

11 July 2022

Businesses are ready to work with government, unions and the community on the big economic challenges ahead at the Jobs and Skills summit, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“The Jobs and Skills summit is a chance to reset the economy and ensure Australia and it’s people achieve their full potential.

“Our economy is poised for a world beating recovery but it hinges on our ability to bring everyone to the table and find common purpose to sustainably drive new investment, productivity and stronger growth.

“In particular we welcome the government’s focus on boosting Australia’s lacklustre productivity, the crucial ingredient in sustained wages growth and better jobs. 

“Achieving this will require cooperation between business, government and workers, and it must start by managing the chronic labour shortages and investment drought that are holding us back.

“Businesses are ready to work with government to ensure Australians have access to the skills they need to get secure work and access to jobs in new and emerging higher paying industries.

“This is also a chance to seize the opportunity and end the deadlock on workplace relations, restore the Hawke-Keating enterprise bargaining system to lift productivity and let Australians earn more.

“And, we need a migration system that fills workforce shortages across the economy with the right targeting and incentives.

“These are challenges for every section of the community so we look forward to working with businesses of all sizes, governments, workers and community groups to position the nation for the future.

“Achieving our full potential and locking in a secure economic future will mean recapturing the unprecedented level of cooperation that saw us through the pandemic.”


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