JobKeeper payment to keep Australians working

30 March 2020

We commend the Morrison Government’s JobKeeper payment for workers which will keep Australians in jobs and keep them connected to their workplaces so we can bounce back when we emerge from this challenge, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said today.

“This crisis will end and when it does Australia will need businesses and workers that are ready to ramp back up quickly, today’s announcement will make sure they can. Crucially, today’s announcement will deliver assistance to all Australian workers that need it regardless of the size of their employer.

“This huge package will keep people in jobs and vitally make sure Australia is ready to rebuild quickly once this challenge passes. It is a fair and common-sense way of ensuring employees can remain connected to their employers, who have been severely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 fallout.

“The government has made the right choice to work through the systems we already have in place to get assistance where it is needed as soon as possible.  

“Applying this wage subsidy to full and part-time workers as well as casuals who have been employed for 12 months is fair.  We must safeguard as many jobs as we can to prevent long periods of joblessness and poverty. 

“Once the worst passes, workers and businesses doing it tough will now be in a better position to rebound.  Businesses, big and small, are the glue that keep communities together. We cannot afford to let businesses shut up shop today, because there is no guarantee they will re-establish once this crisis passes.

“Business is leading the way with the highest possible safety standards to keep the economy going and people in jobs. Companies are doing everything they can to keep their workers safe and employed.

“Businesses working with governments are keeping supply lines open, our finance system functioning, producing and manufacturing going to keep the shelves stocked and our mining resources sector operating. Supermarkets are open and the crucial retailing that people rely on is running. We are keeping the lights on and the telecommunications system working.

“All of these things are the foundations of our economy and they are essential to our capacity to function, be safe, live, and ability to bounce back.

“We have reason to be confident. We have the know-how, resilience, resources and the will to collectively stare down these challenges and reboot the economy as the country recovers.’’


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