Critical steps to reinvigorate Infrastructure Australia

08 December 2022

The government’s plans to reinvigorate Infrastructure Australia are a critical step forward, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

 “Australians need the right infrastructure, in the right places and delivered at the right time, and that means government needs have access to the best independent advice.

 “This review is an opportunity to finally take the politics out of our infrastructure system, spend taxpayer money more efficiently and set out a clear infrastructure pipeline.  

 “Getting this right doesn’t just mean Australians get the amenities they want, it means Australia can invest in the infrastructure needed to supercharge economic growth and productivity.

 “A properly functioning Infrastructure Australia will help unlock massive potential in our regions by carefully planning the projects that get our products to lucrative markets more efficiently, open up new areas and move people around quickly.

 “A strengthened Infrastructure Australia is best placed to coordinate with state-based infrastructure bodies so we get the get the timing, skills and procurement right on major projects.

 “A better planned infrastructure system means projects can be delivered more efficiently, on time and at cost.”


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