COAG Must Deliver on Reforms

07 December 2009

Today’s Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting underlines the need for continued urgency in delivering reforms to strengthen the Australian economy.

“As we emerge from the downturn, it becomes even more important to strengthen the economy’s productive capacity,” says BCA Chief Executive Katie Lahey.

“Reforms to create a new national regulator for the vocational education and training (VET) sector, and the linking of infrastructure funding to long-term planning, announced after today’s meeting, will both assist in this aim.”

But Ms Lahey says the BCA wants to see continued focus on previously agreed elements of the seamless economy agenda, designed to deliver uniform business regulation across state borders.

“Progress within COAG remains difficult to assess from outside,” Ms Lahey says.

“The BCA is particularly keen to see a full assessment of progress towards a ‘seamless economy’.

“The upcoming public report of the COAG Reform Council will be an important stocktake on COAG’s progress in this area.”

The council is expected to release its report on the National Partnership Agreement to Deliver a Seamless National Economy in early 2010. 



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