Business welcomes new visa arrangements which will boost Australia-Indonesia ties

04 July 2023

New visa arrangements will enable more Australian and Indonesian professionals to work across both countries, expanding our trade and economic opportunities as well as our people-to-people links, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Indonesia is the world's third largest democracy and today’s leaders’ meeting and business forum further strengthens our economic and cultural ties with one of our closest neighbours.

“We particularly welcome the visa announcement made by Prime Minister Albanese and President Widodo.

“The Albanese government has rightly made our relationship with Indonesia a priority and today’s announcement to improve visa processes will be crucial in creating deeper business to business links between our two countries.

“We also welcome mutual professional recognition for engineers and new pathways to support skills exchange under the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IACEPA).

“The IACEPA gives Australian workers and industries expanded access to a major market and for Indonesia, better trade will deliver the economic opportunities needed as it continues to develop and lift living standards for its people.

“It is promising to see a growing number of Australian university campuses, including BCA member Western Sydney University, opening up new local campuses for Indonesians to complete their studies.

“This will further deepen the people-to-people links between our two countries.

“Representatives from the Australian business community, including the BCA, welcomed the opportunity to directly engage with President Widodo during the business forum event held on the sidelines of the leaders’ meeting.

“It’s crucial that Australia and Indonesia form strategic partnerships, as this economy will be critical as we cooperate to decarbonise energy supply chains.

“This will further strengthen our two-way investment that creates jobs, gets new industries off the ground and makes our region stronger.”

Quotes attributable to the Hon Warwick Smith AO, chair of the Business Council of Australia’s global engagement committee:

“As one of our nearest and most important neighbours, this an essential step up to facilitate greater engagement with business, students, and tourists from Indonesia.

“It is also crucial that we make our visa system more compatible with both Indonesia and other nations in our region.”


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