Business welcomes increased shared care as part of paid parental leave

19 October 2023

The Business Council of Australia welcomes the Government’s expansion of the Paid Parental Leave system that will bring more equity and flexibility to caregiving roles, boosting the economy and making it easier for new parents to stay in the workforce, Business Council chief executive Bran Black said.

“The Business Council has long called for reform to the Paid Parental Leave system, and our recently released Seize the Moment report outlined our Paid Parental Leave proposal aimed at removing barriers for women to work and improving simplicity and flexibility. It is great to see the Government incorporate significant aspects of our proposal in its Bill.

“Australia has the most educated women in the world, but we rank 43rd for women’s economic opportunity. We know that a lack of flexibility in caregiving roles has acted as a barrier for workplace participation.

“Many of our members have already expanded their Paid Parental Leave policies by offering up to six months leave to either parent as well as removing the requirement for the claimant to be the primary carer. These progressive policies are paying dividends in the hunt for global talent and equalising the role of both parents.

“Inflexibility in paid parental leave is a barrier to women participating fully in the economy. Removing all barriers in Australia could see an extra 461,000 full-time people enter the workforce and an extra $128 billion a year added to the economy.  

“We welcome the Government’s commitment to modernising how care is provided in Australia, which will unlock much needed talent, increase workforce participation and boost our economic potential.”


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