Business backs call for reform

08 December 2021

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s call to reinvigorate the reform process is a welcome addition to the national debate, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Business backs the Premier’s call for reform and a reimagined federation to deliver the jobs, services and living standards Australians want.

“We applaud the Premier for stepping up and leading with a positive vision for the state and the nation.

“The most important thing about the Premier’s speech today was that it wasn’t just a list of the things we shouldn’t do.

“Australia has options, and we should consider them all in the race to be a more competitive and dynamic economy.

“Two years of rolling border closures and shockingly inconsistent restrictions are proof that getting our federation working is critical.

“As we emerge from the pandemic recapturing our thirst for reform will be critical to delivering a modern economy with new industries and higher paid jobs.

“This has never been more important.

“Unless we regain our appetite for reform, we will run the risk that our economy and living standards get stuck in the middle lane or slide backwards.”


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