WTO agreement a win for Australians

06 April 2019

Australia’s accession to the World Trade Organisation’s Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) is a win for all Australians, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“By creating new opportunities for Australians to sell our world-class products and services, this agreement can help employers create new jobs and invest in higher wages.

“Australia has joined 47 other nations in signing the WTO’s GPA, meaning Australians can benefit from access to new services and products and Australian businesses can sell theirs to the world.

“The GPA guarantees Australian businesses access to international government procurement markets worth trillions of dollars, giving employers the chance to export even more of Australia’s world-class products and services.

“Crucially, the impact of this agreement is set to grow, with room for China to sign on. This gives us a pathway to access a growing market of government contracts.

“We welcome today’s commitment to this agreement and the strong message it sends to the world; that Australia is committed to freer and more open markets.

“More liberal trade has helped lift millions out of poverty around the world, it helps sustain 1 in 5 Australian jobs and gives consumers the greater choices and freedom they expect.”


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