We must come back better

17 December 2020

Australia’s come back continues and we are now positioned to grow and strengthen our economy and the living standards of all Australians, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said today.

“We are in a good position, our robust resources exports continue to shore up the economy however, the economic challenge is far from over. We have a competitive head start, so let’s build on that and set the country up for the future.

“We’ll need to lock in these gains to get people back into jobs and put Australia back on track. 

“It is business that will need to create the jobs and make the necessary investments. Business is up to the challenge.

“The government has softened the blow of the worst of the pandemic now it’s time for the private sector to take over the heavy lifting.

“To do this we have to drive new investment across the country with the right tax incentives, stop the antiquated industrial relations system working against job creation, wind back unnecessary red tape, get big infrastructure projects happening quickly and fix the skills system so Australians can get the high paid jobs they want .

“A strong business-led recovery is essential to securing the futures of all Australians.”


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