Water Under Pressure

26 September 2006

18 September 2006

Fixing the nation’s water supply system is achievable and would boost our economy by $9 billion, according to a new report released by the Business Council of Australia.

The BCA report has found that instead of taking hard decisions to fix the problem, governments are supporting a flawed water system that is effectively turning sufficient supplies of water at the source into scarcity for householders and business.

The paper – Water Under Pressure: Australia’s man-made water scarcity and how to fix it – says problems and shortages with the country’s water supply system are largely man-made and are now acting as a major brake on economic growth.

View the news release, the paper and a summary leaflet here.

Water Under Pressure (full report)

Time to Fix Australia's Urban and Rural Man-Made Water Problems (news release)

Water Under Pressure (summary leaflet)

Water Under Pressure (executive summary)


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