Victorian Teaching Excellence Trials Focus on the Right Priority

24 August 2009

The Business Council of Australia today said the Victorian Government had taken an important step in announcing the trialling of new methods to reward excellent teaching and school performance.

BCA Chief Executive Katie Lahey said that business strongly supported strategies aimed at encouraging and retaining high quality teachers in the classroom.

“We will watch the Victorian Government’s ‘Rewarding Teaching Excellence’ trials with close interest.

“Australia’s business leaders regard the need for Australia to have a world-class school education system as vital for our future growth and prosperity.

“Businesses value people who have up-to-date knowledge and skills, and who continue to learn throughout their careers”, Ms Lahey said.

Ms Lahey said that school education needs to provide the foundation for developing the capabilities that young people will require for performing well when they enter their future places of work.

“Recent research, including the Teaching Talent paper released last year by the BCA and the Australian Council for Educational Research, shows that quality teaching is the single most important influence when it comes to achieving better learning outcomes for all students.

“If we are to attract and retain the very best teachers, then encouraging and rewarding excellence must be a priority for governments and the education sector.

“High-performing teachers can also be role models and mentors within their schools and across the teaching profession”, Ms Lahey said.

Ms Lahey said that the BCA was continuing to advocate the importance of a comprehensive approach to reforming school education in Australia.

“Policies to enable the development of leadership skills, to improve transparency in relation to school performance, provide extra assistance to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and the introduction of an engaging national curriculum are all vital areas of reform.

“We are urging all governments in Australia to give a high priority to improving our education systems, and welcome the steps taken by the Victorian Government”, Ms Lahey said.



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