Jennifer Westacott - Gareth Parker, 6PR

Event: Interview with Gareth Parker, 6PRSpeaker: Jennifer WestacottDate: 19 February 2018Topics: Company tax, wages, employment and education and skillsE&OE  

Jennifer Westacott - Network Ten, The Project

Event: Network Ten, The ProjectSpeaker: Jennifer WestacottDate: 14 February 2018Topics: Company tax E&OE

Jennifer Westacott - Ticky Fullerton, Sky Business

Event: Jennifer Westacott interview with Ticky Fullerton, Sky BusinessSpeaker: Jennifer WestacottDate: 7 December 2017Topics: Year in review, China, marriage equality and politicsE&OE  

Jennifer Westacott - Fran Kelly, ABC Breakfast

Event: Jennifer Westacott interview with Fran Kelly, ABC RN BreakfastSpeaker: Jennifer WestacottDate: 16 November 2017Topics: Marriage equality, company tax, business reputation and workplace diversityE&OE 

Jennifer Westacott - Robbie Buck, ABC 702 Breakfast

Event: Jennifer Westacott interview with Robbie Buck, ABC 702 Breakfast Speaker: Jennifer WestacottDate: 9 November 2017Topics: Gender equality and workplace diversity E&OE

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