Time to End Simplistic Rule In Rule Out Politics

09 November 2015

“Declarations by state leaders in Queensland and Tasmania that they will not consider changes to the GST as part of the national tax reform discussion is the kind of ‘rule in rule out’ simplistic politics that the National Reform Summit called on politicians to stop”, Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott.

“Tax reform cannot only be about the GST, but we can’t have a proper debate about the optimum tax system for Australia if the discussion doesn’t include the GST,” Ms Westacott said.

“We welcome that the Tasmanian Premier has corrected his Finance Spokesman's error of judgement on this.

“It is extraordinary that the Treasurer of a state which is so dependent on the GST like Tasmania, without any proper consideration of any Treasury modelling, any compensation package, any income tax reduction, any business tax reduction, or any informed discussion with their constituents, would simply rule it out.

“Queensland and Tasmania need investment and jobs growth, and this can only be done by providing incentives for individuals to save and invest and for businesses to expand and grow, not by more and more government spending.

“Given the long term significance of the decisions our nation needs to make on tax reform, Australians should be allowed to make choices for themselves, with all the facts and different options respectfully provided to them.

“We now need all politicians in Australia to pause and think about the long term national interest rather than politically motivated knee jerk responses to the latest media inquiry.”


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Business Council of Australia
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