The BCA’s Real Agenda: A Vigorous Economy with Jobs and Opportunity for All

10 October 2000

The Business Council of Australia has hit back at ACTU criticism of its recent report, Managerial Leadership in the Workplace.

The Executive Director of the BCA, Mr David Buckingham, said today that the ACTU criticism missed the point.

“The core issues in workplace reform go to productivity, flexibility and the sensitivity of organisations to individual employee needs,” he said.

“The focus at the workplace needs to be on actions that increase the capability and performance of all employees. Good leadership will be about creating the circumstances in which all employees can deliver their best.”

Mr Buckingham expressed his regret that the ACTU had descended to trying to shoot the messenger rather than dealing with the substantive issues contained in the report.

“Enterprises today need to be faster and more agile to compete in an increasingly global market,” he said.

“Workforces are more diverse and employees are better educated and demanding of a role in the decision-making processes that affect them and their work. The successful enterprises of the future will be those that create a culture and way of working that meet the needs of their customers, suppliers and employees.

“This is not zealous ideology – it is the reality. The report accurately reflects the perceptions of the CEOs of the major Australian corporations.

“The BCA is not anti-union. Rather, it is interested in promoting the range of reforms in the workplace, in taxation, innovation and education and training which will create a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture supporting leading workplaces of the future.

“This is and must be our focus if we are to foster an internationally vigorous and sustainable economy capable of supporting jobs and opportunity for all.”



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