Guaranteeing a minimum return of class action proceeds to class members - submission to Treasury Consultation paper

This is the Business Council of Australia (BCA) submission in response to the Treasury Consultation Paper Guaranteeing a minimum return of class action proceeds to class members (Consultation Paper). Class actions play an important role in providing individuals with access to...

Submission to the Digital Technology Taskforce

Digital innovation lifts productivity and living standards, and contributes to a stronger, fairer Australia. All Australians have benefited from the introduction of new digital services and will continue to benefit if the nation successfully becomes a leading digital economy.

Submission on the interim report: Indigenous Voice co-design process

The Business Council is committed to the empowerment of Indigenous Australians and the creation of opportunities for full participation in the Australian economy and accordingly supports meaningful constitutional recognition of an Indigenous Voice to the Parliament.  This is the Business...

Submission to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment: A University research commercialisation scheme

Australia punches above its weight on research excellence. But we can achieve a better return on our investments by improving research translation and commercialisation. By turning our great ideas into products and services, we can solve real world problems and...

Budget submission 2021-22: Building on our success

Growing our economy by just one per cent extra a year would leave each Australian $770 better off per year and help us return to full employment.

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