Submission to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Review of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework

13 April 2012

With strong growth in global demand for international education expected in coming years, Australia needs to bolster the competitiveness of its already successful international education sector in order to seize these opportunities.

Our current student visa assessment level framework is less flexible than it needs to be and needs reform.

Without changes, the system will lower competitiveness and continue to hamstring our low-risk, high-quality providers – putting valuable export markets at risk.

A reformed and simpler visa assessment system, which more tightly targets visa integrity risks, is in everyone’s interests.

The BCA’s submission urges the government to rapidly move toward a provider-based risk assessment model.

This and other suggestions will help increase the flexibility and responsiveness of the system, minimising unnecessary red tape and freeing up our providers to compete.

Submission to Review of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework


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