Submission to the Australian Greenhouse Office regarding Greenhouse Sinks and the Kyoto Protocol

17 February 2003

This is the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN) submission to the Australian Greenhouse Office in relation to Greenhouse Sinks and the Kyoto Protocol.

The AIGN included the:

  • Australian Aluminium Council
  • Australian Automobile Association
  • Australian Coal Association
  • Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
  • Business Council of Australia
  • Cement Industry Federation
  • Electricity Supply Association of Australia
  • Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
  • Minerals Council of Australia
  • Plastics and Chemical Industries Association
  • Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Federation of Australia.

The submission argues that sinks are a critical part of a comprehensive approach to the greenhouse issue, and that effective implementation of the sinks provisions in the Kyoto Protocol is an essential outcome of the continuing negotiations.

There are many complex issues to be resolved, and the submission contends that this process will be assisted if all parties work towards the most comprehensive approach to the issue. The submission sets out the areas that will need to be discussed.



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